Judging Class:   30  (Super Modified)Select Another Judging Class:
YearVehicleFirst NameLast InitialCityStTotal Points
2010  VW GTI 2.0L TFSI Carlos Southbury CT 96  (1)
2011  VW GTI 2.0L TFSI Jake Paramus NJ 89  (2)
2015  VW GTI 2.0 TSI Kris west orange NJ 80  (3)
2018  VW Golf R 2.0 TSI Danny Bellmore NY 75 
2011  VW GTI 2.0L TFSI Dominick Pemberton NJ 63 
2010  VW GTI 2.0L TFSI Michael Maywood NJ 

Please Note: A score of 0 indicates that the participant was absent.





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