Mikaela King's BIO

Mikaela King majored in graphic design and photography.
She learned her love for graphic design throughout high school and participated in a nationwide competition for advertising and design and received a top 10 ranking in the USA.
Ever since then, she decided to expand her interest in the art world. "I’m so excited for my shirt design to be featured for the second year in a row!"

Instagram: @mk6kayylla
Email for Freelance: mbankodesign@gmail.com

Mikaela King


MK6 Golf

Mikaela currently owns a MK6 Shark Blue Golf named Layla.
Layla was the last one on the east coast to be sold from New York and has the original paint color.
She is sitting on H&R Ultra Low Coilovers and has a USP catless downpipe with a Eurojet exhaust.
Mikaela learned her love for cars when she met her husband who currently has a Stage 2 MK6 Candy White GTI.


Waterfest 23 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner:
Mikaela King

After receiving lots of great designs,
we're thrilled to announce that the WINNER
of the Waterfest 23 T-Shirt Artwork Contest is:
Mikaela King from Annandale, NJ