Classes and rules:

All vehicles must adhere to the NHRA safety rules and regulations. Any vehicle in violation of these rules shall be immediately disqualified and shall not be eligible for any payout

Payout cars will be allowed early entry on Friday at 12pm and Saturday morning starting at 8AM.

- Any EURO bodied car
- Must pass NHRA tech inspection

-Can be powered by another engine make 

-Any fuel 

-Any power adder
-Any tire
- All run field 

-Heads up

-Pro .400 tree

-1/4 mile 

11.50 Index
 - Any Euro bodied car
 - Must Pass NHRA tech inspection 

 - Can be powered by another engine make

 - Pro .400 tree 

-1/4 mile 

 - All run field

All Motor

-Must pass NHRA tech inspection
-Any fuel

-Must be European powered

-No power adders 
-Air cooled cars have a 94MM max bore
-Air cooled cars must use stock head stud pattern
-No tube chassis

-Air cooled cars min weight is 1550lbs with driver

-All run field
-Pro .400 tree

-1/4 mile heads up 

Limited Street